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A beautiful Elephant who invaded a village gets a ticket back home (Part 2)


A beautiful Elephant who invaded a village gets a ticket back home (Part 2)

Sri Lankan elephants are known as the most majestic and the largest among the Asian elephant species. They are connected to the Sinhalese history and Bhudhism in many ways over the centuries that have passed. The island knows their real value as they have categorized elephants as a national treasure. Due to this reason, elephants are well protected inside a chain of wildlife conservations zones set up around the island. National parks are well guarded with no access for hunters or poachers that are found around the African continent.

This situation arose when this elephant went away from its natural habitat towards a village full of farmers. Concerned villagers knew what they had to do, and as usual wildlife officers came to the scene and they are trying their best to escort this elephant to the truck that will carry him away from this village.


Due to the limits of logistic support in these rural areas, these officers and villagers are having a hard time escorting this elephant into this truck. This elephant is furious right now, and he is all ready to go on a rampage. The officers need to load this elephant into the truck really fast. The angered elephant was seen knocking down a tractor, and its water tank brought to give a shower for it to cool down in this hot sunny weather.

After struggling a lot, these officers were able to load this elephant into the truck. There were hundreds of villagers looking around to witness this effort to save this elephant. They were really successful, and the drone footage shows about the full situation. This elephant will be taken back to a safer jungle or a national park where he will be able to join a new herd to be a family.

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